Nick Akey

Disrupting Education @MakerSquare by helping people become software engineers.

Co-owner & advisor @MailLift.

• Marketing automation
• Conversion strategy
• B2B video

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“Recommending Nick is easy because the entire team attributes much of MailLift’s growth to Nick’s marketing automation campaigns.

• Nick tripled MailLift’s monthly recurring revenue in 6 months
• Nick increased our video marketing play rate from 18% to 60%
• Nick is a natural at writing copy (one of the best copywriters I’ve met)

Plus – he’s great at communicating/storytelling. As someone who has lead dozens of employees, Nick is a great example of how to have clear communication with supervisors, associates, and customers. If Nick is people facing (in person or online), people love him. Lucky that he represented our brand and will always welcome him back.”

– Brian Curliss, CEO of MailLift


“I had the opportunity to work with Nick on a last-minute video marketing piece for MailLift.

It was immediately clear to me why one of Austin’s hottest little startups brought Nick on board — he’s incredibly bright, professional, and easy to work with, in addition to being brilliant at all things video (among his other marketing talents!

Nick is a huge asset, and if he were ever available I’d hire him in an instant as well!”

– Taylor West, CEO of Cheffed Up


“My cofounder and I hired Nick in 2015 to create video content for our handwritten letter service. Nick is easy to get along with and everyone on the team enjoyed working with him. It was also clear that he had a natural knack for inbound marketing and storytelling.

Within his first month, Nick increased our front page conversion rates by 67% and increased our video engagement by 33%. I highly recommend Nick to anyone looking for someone to improve their marketing efforts and tell their story.”

– Daniel Jurek, CTO of MailLift


“Nick is an extremely talented video marketer and an enjoyable person with whom to work. I’ve been able to see first hand how his video marketing and creative ideas have benefitted MailLift by increasing conversion rates and improving engagement.

Directly, his videos have helped me educate prospects and current customers in a way that’s both helpful and entertaining. Above all, I am continually impressed with Nick’s ability to solve problems in unique and innovative ways. He’s a great asset to any team…and, he’s pretty fun to work with too!”

– Abby Hoban, Digital Marketing Specialist at Nostalgia Products Group


“Nick knows what he is doing.”

– Eric Mitchell, Marketing at Adobe