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Christians Should Be More Judgmental (It’s not what you think)

Photo credit Joe Gratz

Photo credit Joe Gratz

Let me explain

We’ve all seen (and cringed at) Christians who hold signs and yell things like

God’s judgment is gonna getcha!” or “Repent or burn!

And in rightfully trying to separate ourselves from them,

we have seemed to abandon judgment completely

Instead, we have chosen to identify people based on what they do. Let their actions define them

Sounds fair right?

It is

And that’s why it’s totally wrong for us Christians


When you even think of the term “judging” you may think (and some probably mean) some sort of judgment that reveals all your crap and shows how big of a sinner you really are

I imagine a judge hitting his gavel and prison guards dragging some guy, kicking and screaming to his doom

Which doesn’t sound very fun


In fact, many Christians today, live in fear of God’s judgment

They live their lives as if they are walking on eggshells, waiting for God’s hammer of judgment to fall

Waiting for him to call out everything they’ve “done in the dark


But here’s the thing,

God has already judged each one of us

And you know what the end result of Gods judgment was?

Torture. Humiliation. Death.


But in a shocking twist, it wasn’t ours

It was His.


When God saw everything about us and took action because of it,

he ended up sacrificing himself for us

What could he have seen in us to make him do something so…. crazy?


What if the judgment of God is not

I hate you, you are unworthy, why did I create you, I never should have made you”

What if the judgment of God is

“You are amazing, I love you, I want you, I will die for you”

What if God’s judgment isn’t seeing how crappy we are

but it’s seeing our value?

Wouldn’t we want to embrace judgment and celebrate it?


What if we give up being “fair

What if even when someone does wrong to us

We don’t treat them like they deserve,

But we treat them like God treats them

We sacrifice for them

We are kind to them

We don’t think

“This person sucks”

We think

“This person is worth dying for”


That is unconditional love

Because it’s seeing people not based on what they do, how they act, or what they say

it’s just childlike, simple love

“My God loves you, so I do too”

That is being severely judgmental

That is being deeply unfair

That is loving unconditionally

That is how you are called to live


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