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6 Chrome Extensions I love

(for web developers)

Ever wonder what happens when you click a link and go through 3 - 4 redirects before ending up at destination?

With this extension - you can analyze every step of the process.

2/6: User Agent Switcher

If you’re trying to see the ACTUAL mobile version of a site, it’s NOT ENOUGH to change your window size -

You also need to switch your user agent! This gives you legit mobile experience on desktop

3/6: Responsive Viewer by Solaiman Kmail

Developing for mobile and desktop?

This extension let’s you view them side by side - AND even syncs your clicks and scolling!

4/6: Video Speed Player by Ilya Grigorik

Video code tutorials are SO SLOW. This extensions speeds up videos so you can get through more in less time.

The downside? You’ll never be able to watch at normal speed again!

5/6: What Font

Quickly identify fonts on a web page.

Useful not only for quickly identifying fonts that you like, but also ensuring that YOUR site is rendering the expected fonts.

Much faster than doing it through Chrome’s inspector

5/6: Allow Right Click

Ever notice some sites BLOCK the right click menu?

Nothing annoys a developer more than telling them what they can’t do on their own computer.

This extension allows right click on any sites that try to disable it :)